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How did I do it! Well, I don’t have the photos for the steps I used to make the original Poured Painting. That process was extremely energetic. With great potential for a messy disaster! I was very hyped to do it so I never thought to get someone to photo or video me.

I love the natural imagery that happens from the Poured Painting process, but I love Composition also. So, with several early experimental examples laying around, I thought I’d do a little “recycling.” These paintings were nice, but they weren’t on the same level as my The Way It Feels or Small Wonder collections. As such, they were perfect for what I had in mind.

Step 1 of 9

So here it is as a Poured Painting. It has some nice stuff going on in certain areas, but not enough. I wanted more depth and feeling and direction.

Step 2 of 9

I used Painters Tape to block off the sections where I wanted to Retain the original imagery

Step 3 of 9

The shapes for the composition were drawn in ink onto the tape and then very carefully cut out with an exacto blade.

Step 4 of 9

With the tape firmly in place, I was free to apply treatments of paint in any way that appealed to me. Extremely fun!

Step 5 of 9

More Painters Tape was painstakingly placed in a carefully determined grid pattern.

Step 6 of 9

The negative spaces were removed from the grid pattern. Then, I got to paint again! Yaay!

Step 7 of 9

First the tape from the grid is removed. I very carefully used the exacto blade to get under the tape.

Step 8 of 9

Then I removed the rest of the Painters Tape. It was like unwrapping presents for Christmas!

Step 9 of 9

I decided to add more grids, but not as strong. I needed more yellow, so, two birds with one stone!

So here I am, exploring the joys of Poured Painting, finally delving into the world of “using paint as paint” that my late Professor, John T. Scott, always talked about. More on that in another post. I promise. However, Scott also taught me a hell of a lot about Composition and Design Principles and Color Theory. I wanted to take the new things I’ve learned and discovered and blend them in with the original stuff that represents my foundational background.

And look at the result: a new collection of Art to work on!